Reactor - Energy Sector Tycoon


Become an energy sector magnate


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Reactor - Energy Sector Tycoon is a strategy game in which your goal is to build power plants to earn money, which you can then use on more energy reactors that give you even more money, and so on, until you become an energy tycoon.

Reactor - Energy Sector Tycoon works like any other traditional clicker, except for a few interesting differences. The most striking of them being that you can choose where you want to build the energy plants, changing the landscape to your liking in the process.

In the beginning of the game you only have enough money to buy little windmills that don't generate much energy. As you build more and more of them, you'll be able to accumulate enough money to buy larger power plants.

As it's usual in clicker games, you can also invest your money in improving the technology of your equipment, which translates into more efficient power plants that produce more energy.

Reactor - Energy Sector Tycoon is a great mix of strategy and traditional clicker games, and its retro graphics are absolutely charming.


Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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